Occasionally Looking Up Through The Rain

I just told my mom about how rotten last summer was for me.  She didn\’t even really know how bad it was.  I don\’t think alot of people know.  She actually felt bad.  I didn\’t want her to feel sad or be upset.  I mean I might be scared and not very brave, but i\’m pretty resiliant I guess.  I have yet to give up completely.  I\’ve been close to giving up, but I never have.  I will never completely give up.  Some things are worth saving.  I saw joe for the last time for a long time.  That makes me thouroughly sad.  I had fun though.  I went to Sam Bochi Grill with my mom and sister and it was good.

Famous People I like for various reasons:
St. Therese
St. Francis
Pope John Paul II
The Dali Lama
Shel Silverstein
Gordon Korman
Walt Disney
Henry David Thoreau
Martin Luther King Jr.
Dr. Seuss
Charles Schultz

\”I wanna wrap my arms around your neck and dance.\” – Caedmon\’s Call

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