Oh Austin, How I Miss Thee

Now, don\’t get me wrong, I enjoy coming home to Spring and seeing people I haven\’t seen in months.  I enjoy spending time with my family.  It\’s nice to come back to my yellow room and a comfortable bed.  I enjoy eating my parent\’s cooking and not having to pay for anything.  That being said, I miss Austin.  It\’s almost a ridiculous obsession I have with the city.  When Shelly was talking about Austin, she said she likes being home because she misses trees and it\’s so city-ish and she likes breaks away from it.  I\’m not like that I guess.  Yes, I want to be with my family and yes I like being in a house, and yes I like having a neighborhood where things are a little slower paced, but I find myself yearning to be back there.  I mean, I went to Austin twice over the winter break alone.  And now, with my sister starting school today, and me consequently being all alone during the daytime, I can\’t wait to go back even more.  I don\’t even not look forward to the school part.  I really enjoy school and I think that next semester will be full of fun and exciting opportunities for me.  There are some reservations I have about next semester that I find better not discussed on xanga and I\’m not precisely sure about the correct course of action to take regarding these delicate matters.  So we shall see what happens in the next couple of weeks where I am and maybe then you\’ll get a really great update filled with deep thoughts and interesting anecdotes.

\”You have to go to school tomorrow!\” – Me
\”You don\’t get to go to school tomorrow!\” – Susan

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