Oh the Places You\’ll Go

Some of you may know that I\’m a total fan
of this one absolutely remarkable man.
A man who brought stories and drawings and rhymes
to us when we were in our much younger times.
Dr. Seuss is this man that I speak of so high,
and if you don\’t know where this is going, I\’ll tell you why.
You see, in Austin, in Fifth for art and it\’s always been something dear to my heart
because they house all this original artwork from my man Dr. Seuss
and I had never been, so I had to let loose.
The Lorax came out and they had a big to-do,
and they showed all the artwork he drew.
Painting and sculptures of whimsy and fun
and I had to see it before the exhibit was done
So I went with my Evan and I went with my mother
and if I could I woul\’ve taken my sister or brother
and we saw all his artwork from first to the last
and we got a glimpse into the story of his interesting past.
I took pictures of my favorites for you to see
why his creations mean so much to me.
So thank you Seuss for a fabulous display,
And I hope you my readers have a fun and fabulous day!

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