One is Silver and the Other Gold

I\’ve often said I believe hell is a place where you constantly pack for a trip that you never get to go on. I\’m not really a huge fan of packing, especially when having to move. You mean I have to take everything I own and put it all in boxes and then unpack it again? It\’s stressful and frustrating. I always try and be super organized at first. This box for books, this box for desk items this box for dishes. But, inevitably by the end of the moving process you end up with a miscellaneous slew of items that really don\’t even have a category. How do I label a box with a figurine, a cable cord, a copy of a Harry Potter book and a pair of socks?

I can\’t really complain though. Most of the moving will probably get done while I\’m at work by my parents, (although the flip side of that is they will literally be going through all of my stuff). So we will see how this plays out. Add that to the fact that I have several friends that will be staying with me this coming weekend for a wedding, it\’s a little stressful. The house will be messy and full of boxes and without internet or cable, but hopefully we will have beds for everyone and who needs internet when you have other people to entertain you?

Speaking of being entertained, this weekend was pretty much awesome. I went to Houston and went to my best friend\’s engagement party. Parties are totally my thing, at least adult parties are totally my thing. I never did the whole college drinking-till-I-can\’t-see-straight-and-who-needs-food-because-beer-is-the-greatest-thing-ever party scene. I drink, but not that much and normally it\’s wine or a cocktail, not so much the cheapest beer in the world bought exclusively for chugging before playing a game of True American (which will hopefully be revised so we can play again at some point without negative consequences…). So the engagement party, which was in a home that is worth literally millions of dollars, fully catered and had an open bar, I was totally all there. I didn\’t know a whole lot of people there, but do you think that stopped me? By the end of the night, I made a new best friend who both loves Avatar: The Last Airbender and knows about the enneagram, networked with a florist, hid the bride\’s mother\’s shoes in a potted plant (upon coaxing from my own mother) and subsequently left my purse there, only to retrieve it the following morning at breakfast with my best friend\’s grandparent\’s home (homemade biscuits…yum!). It was totally my thing. I love meeting new people.

Also, I got to see my longtime, very good friend Stephanie, whoI literally haven\’t seen in years. It was so nice to finally catch up with her. You know what they say, Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.

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