Pandas Should Die.

Let\’s see. Main things I\’ve been doing in my life:  I went to Starbuck\’s with Alex before he went back up to College Station.  That was fun.  It\’s good to catch up with people.  I had hot chocolate casue I don\’t like coffee at all.  Who has hot chocolate in August?  Apparently Karen.  It was good though.  I went swimming yesterday too.  I hardly ever swim.  Today I went to Fry\’s and got a new keyboard cause right now my ERSDFGLCVNM keys are completely indistinguishable.  The only way I can still type is cause my fingers just know what keys are what.  But reading them?  forget it.  But that\’s gonna change.  Then my parent\’s and I went to the Movie Tavern where they serve you food while you watch a movie.  We saw Accepted.  It was pretty funny gotta say.  My dog got a shot today and he\’s been laying around all day.  It\’s really quite sad.  I am so ready for school to start again. I\’m such a dork….but frankly I love school so much.  And I miss it.  By this time next week I\’ll be in Austin.  I\’m so excited.

\”If you get hit.  Just keep going.\” – Alex

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