Pretty People Have All The Luck

It\’s incredible.  I like looking at people\’s facebook profiles that I went to school with in, say high school, or something.  So many people have changed.  But I guess, in a sense, we all change I suppose.  I\’m no where near the person I was whan i was, say a junior in high school.  Being in Austin has defnitely enabled me to chill out a little bit, something that I desperately needed, especially after being in Arlington.  I like the fact that i can be independent here.  I hate the fact that I don\’t always have someone here, looking out for me, hanging out.  Although I do like running into unexpected people.  For example, today I ran into Kevin Lai and Sam.  Plus Rob, who\’s in my English class.  It\’s so exciting.  At any rate.  I\’m gonna go do homework…or some version of studying.  Oh and my weather teacher is an aggie.  That makes life interesting.  Catch ya on the flip side.

\”I always complain saying….if they ask me the government should do so and so.  And then they asked me.  So I figured iId better tell them, or I wouldn\’t be able to complain anymore.\” -Dr. Kurtz

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