Replace the darkness within us

I started writing this post and then Firefox crashed and deleted everything I had written. Sad day. This experiment has not been as deep and meaningful as I would have hoped for. First of all, I haven\’t been vigilant every day (obviously) in actually keeping up with my schedule meaning that this will go well into December. Also, I haven\’t given myself sufficient time to conjure up thoughts on these topics and actually write something profound and meaningful. But the main reason I find it isn\’t what I want it to be is I feel it\’s incredibly restraining. I feel as though I have so much stuff on my mind that I can\’t process one more thing and try and relate it. That\’s how I feel. That I believe is the darkness of my little project. It seems void of personal touch and connection, things I pride myself in. But, I shall get through this darkness and I will finish this prayer and my meditations and then afterward I\’ll start blogging more about my life again. I\’ve been reading lots of blogs lately and have picked up inspiration and there\’s a blog this website that has weekly challenges. Things that are personal, things to think about. Maybe I\’ll do that. Maybe I\’ll talk more about what\’s been going on in my life, school, relationships, etc. But for now I will try not to get lost in the darkness and plow through to the light on the other side.

\”And all of those nights spent alone in the darkness of your mind. Give it up. Let go.\” – Jars of Clay There is a River

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