Replace the night within us

It\’s a cold day in Austin and San Marcos (where I currently am) for my \”last day\” of the semester. I say \”last day\” becuase even though it\’s the technical last day of the college classes, apparently graduate school is a different ballgame altogether and I still have class next week during \”finals time\”. So really one class tonight, one class on Tuesday and one class next Thursday. Then my travels to San Marcos will rest until January where I will be *hopefully* more engaged and driven. I\’m not going to publicize my plans until they are a little more set in stone, but it looks promising. Today\’s topic is about night. There are many implications of nighttime. There is a huge opinion that nighttime is the time one is meant to be sleeping and being unaware of surroundings. After all, we are not nocturnal. I realize that this is taking a literal approach to this topic, because it\’s really about the nighttime of our hearts. Those places of darkness, unawareness, and overall laziness that reside in our hearts that keep us tired, cynical, and worn. It\’s ironic, because actually I generally like the night. Because of my current academic schedule, I need to be *most* awake between the hours of 2:00-11pm. This means that I tend to go to bed by many people\’s standards \”very late\” around 2-3am (and by many, I don\’t mean my college student brethren.) So for me, night doesn\’t so much have a negative connotation. I\’m up for a lot of it and do some of my best thinking during it. The only problem with night and my schedule is that I feel that no matter what you do from midnight-3am, you are nearly never doing anything productive. That tends to be time spent watching TV or being on the vortex that is the internet. It\’s also hard to have meaningful conversations with people I want to talk to at 2am because though my schedule allows for it, oftentimes theirs does not. I understand that this post is not even slightly profound, but it\’s what I think about when I think about night. I actually generally like my schedule. I routinely get the proper amount of sleep with little effort and it seems to flow better into my personal clock of sorts. I do tend to have lots of time on my hands that needs to be more productive That\’s what I\’ll work on next semester.

\”I\’ve got a feeling that tonight\’s gonna be a good night.\” – Black Eyed Peas I\’ve Got a Feeling

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