Replace the tension within us

Tension is something that, though I don\’t ever think about it on a conscious level, is constantly present in my life. It seems incredibly fitting that this would be my day\’s meditation because I have expressed and reacted to a great deal of tension today. Tension between what I want to do and what I should do. Tension between the phobic section of my personality and the counter-phobic one. Tension between attachment and detachment. It seems that I have so much inside of me that is at odds with each other. It is a marking of a six, and I am not immune to the contradictions in my soul. I have been at a source of tension with my relationships, my future career, and myself. When I really come down to it, I can\’t think of anything that doesn\’t have some degree of tension. Even as I type this I feel the tension and pressure that I should be doing something else (in this particular instance shower) instead of my brief (and not at all profound) meditation on the idea of tension. This is really where my physical body, spiritual soul, and intellectual mind start having tension with each other. It\’s as if our only job as humans is to mediate between these 3 centers of being. We have tension between those different aspects of our being. No wonder it\’s so hard to be wholly. And no matter how much I wish I could sit and meditate and write about this more and make more profound connections that I know I could if given the time, the truth of the matter is, is I have work tomorrow and I need to take a shower tonight. How\’s that for tension?

\”I\’m not dying or fighting any wars, except on the inside.\” – Caedmon\’s Call

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