Sometimes I\’m Glad I Never Get What I Want

Today the sky is just the way it should be in the fall.  Gray.  I believe they\’re altostratus clouds…but considering how badly I did on my weather test today I\’m not going to say for sure.  That was awful.  Really awful.  It\’s so weird sometimes walking around Austin I remember when my brother first went to school here.  I was in 6th grade and this place was so incredible to me.  I just remember in 6th grade that my brother was going to college and how that was the coolest thing in the world.  It was such an adventure.  It\’s kinda weird to actually live here now.  I mean, I live in the same place as he did when he went to school here so I walk down the same street I remember my parents driving down 8 years ago.  It\’s weird cause even though it\’s the exact same thing, I see things differently.  The Presbytarian church looks the exact same, but I remember it in a different persepective.  The Catholic Center is the same as it\’s always been, but before I used to see it from the perspective coming from the capital as on of the first things near campus at the beginning of your journey to UT whereas now I see it at the edge of campus.  And then I think all the places I could have lived here, all the living situations that didn\’t work out that I remember years ago hoping would work out.  although I would still have loved to live in Whitis.  That is about the only place.  I\’ve been thinking about what I\’m gonna do about next year\’s living situation.  And to be perfectly honest.  I\’m kinda scared.  I want to get an apartment, but I\’m not sure where or with whom.  I\’m sorta thinking somewhere on west campus.  If you don\’t have a car, riverside really sucks.  I dunno.  Maybe I\’m thinking too much about this.  I should just chill out and not worry.  I should focus on studying instead.

Anna, this is for you.
\”Let\’s go upstairs so we can brush our teeth.
Brush up and down,
Brush all around.
Listen and take this good advice from me.
Prevent those cavities!
There\’s just one other thing you have to do.
You have to floss them too.\” – My Mom

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