Spring is Not the Season

Ah.  School is officially OVER.  Rock on.  It\’s a very exciting time for me.  I get my much needed break from drama.  Arlington was fun, but I\’m definitely ready to go to Austin.  I\’m excited about Camp Cho Yeh too, which is really cool.  So yay.  Hopefully this summer will be infinitely better than the last.  So yeah.  I was going to do a kinda reflecting thing about my freshman year and I just figured I\’d write down some of my favorite memories:

*Oozeball with Kattiey….she waited FOREVER to wash her clothes*

*Going to Jackson\’s for the first time with Chris*

*Beating Super Mario World….twice*

*Six Flags*

*2 Rangers Games in a Row*

*Pulling my very first all nighter*

*Wal-Mart Runs*

*Bed Races*


*Denny\’s…everynight….pretty much*

*Blue and White Bash….Karen riding a bull and losing all her fake money*

*Swing Dancing with Chihn*

*Thanksgiving Dinner…before the food poisoning*

*Club Europa…crazy*

*Late-Night Breakfast during finals*

*Bowling….and boys watching my butt while doing so*


*My Sociology class…..It ruled ALL*


*Playing in the ice last semester*

*Eating Panini Brindisis all the time*

*Akita Express*

*Complaining about English 1302*

*The Bob Schneider Concert at the beginning of the year*

*Scavenger hunt Kattiey and I did*

*Playing Skip Bo…..everynight….for the last 3 months pretty much*

That\’s all I can think of…I\’m sure there\’s more…if you have any memories you want to share….tell me.

\”I don\’t like cod\’s tounge.\” – My Mom (Happy Mother\’s Day)


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