Straighten our crookedness

Today is the end of my first semester as a graduate student. I had my last class and I finished my paper that was due tomorrow before I left for class this afternoon. I am officially done! It\’s been a bit stressful this week, with finals and a huge paper. I\’m glad it\’s over. So I wanted to just relax, destress and just be for a bit. The only issue, is that I do have to work now, like my actual job that I tend to neglect when I\’m stressed about school. The topic for today is straightening our crookedness and the thing that I first thought of was actually a fight I got into last night actually with someone I care about. It was sad. I was stressed about my final paper on STEM education and he was stressed about other stuff. We were both on edge to begin with, and then this one comment turned into the catalyst for an argument bringing up a whole slew of underlying tensions. It was during this process that I disintegrated big time. I shut off my emotions and started snapping and attacking pretty much everything he said, regardless of whether it was negative or just him expressing emotion or anything. It didn\’t matter, I completely snapped and made all those snide remarks that hurt him and chipped away at his emotional endurance. I thought about this tonight, after my class, after my stress level was down because all my stuff was done. It was wrong. It was crooked if you will. It was not the right direction to go and was definitely off the pathway of integrity and moral goodness. I\’m ashamed of myself. God, help me to realize that You\’re way is the straight and true way and that when I go crooked and behave in ways unbefitting of Your daughter, You will use You\’re mercy and grace to straighten my pathway and lead me home.

\”He fights so you won\’t ignore him, cause that\’s his biggest fear.\” – Thousand Foot Krutch This is a Call

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