Success Cannot Define My Worth

The title was my mantra for last summer.  It had to be.  It was the most life-sucking summer I\’ve ever experienced.  I was thinking about Panera today and I realize the amount of counseling that I\’ll probably need because of it far outweighs the crappy pay that I did get.  I don\’t think I\’d work there for hundreds of thousands of dollars, let alone for 6 measly dollars an hour.  The emotional pain I had to endure was so not worth it.  Screw them.  Screw them all.  Today a guy from the Dinka tribe in Africa came to our anthropology class to talk to us.  It was cool.  It really sunk in to how lucky I am to live in America.  Literally, out of his 100 person family, only 3 have been educated.  3.  And women?  yeah right.  They\’re property….they don\’t get educated.  Here I am in America and not only am I woman that\’s been educated at all, but I\’m in higher education…meaning I\’ve been more educated than most of the world.  In so many countries I totally would not have that opportunity.  at all.  It was really eye-opening.  It made me think.  They\’ve also been in war for the last 20 years in Sudan, where his tribe is, and it\’s so politically unstable.  How lucky am I that I just happen to have been born of parents in America who have done well for themselves.  I could have just as easily been born in Sudan and have to deal with war my whole life…without an education.  Look how much we have and so many take it for granted.  I noticed this in govt.  Now normally I wouldn\’t care, but today I saw this girl sleeping in government class and part of me wanted to wake her up and go….don\’t you know how lucky you are to be here?  How can you sleep through a class that most girls would never even get the opportunity to attend?  I admit I take it for granted a lot too.  I should be so joyful to attend class.  Dear god, I pray that I can be joyful and grateful at all the blessings you\’ve bestowed upon me, especially that of life, your unconditional love and mercy, your son, my family and friends, education, and my current living situations.  Thank you so much for these and all the blessings you pour out upon your children.  Please pray for all those in need of prayer, especially those we hold closest to our hearts.  Amen.

\”When everything inside me looks like everything I hate you are the hope I have for change you are the only chance I\’ll take.\” – Switchfoot

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