Summer Lovin\’. Happened So Fast.

Summer is almost over.  Will is leaving for North Carolina tomorrow morning and I jsut finished saying goodbye to him.  It\’s sad.  I want to see other people before they go to school too.  I hope I\’ll get the chance.  And then I get to go to UT!  I\’m soo excited about it.  I really want to go to class to and learn.  How dorky am I.  I really wis I was in school right now.  I figured i\’d put out my class schedule.  It\’s tenative right now, unfortunately….but I\’ll put what I know:

9-10 —  I really want to take a class here, I\’m not registered for anything thus far but maybe Philosophy of Religion or Introduction to the Study of Language
10-11 — ANT 305 — Expressive Culture — I\’m not sure how this class is gonna be.  I guess I\’ll find out.
11-12 (M 11-1) — SOC 317L — Social Statistics — I have to take this for my sociology major.  I\’m not a huge fan of math, so it should be…interesting.

9:30-11 — GRG 301K — Weather and Climate — This is my science class.  I heard it\’s pretty challenging.  Hopefully i\’ll be ok.
11-12:30 — CC 307K — Introduction to Greek Archaeology Survey — I really don\’t want to take this class so I\’m going to try to change it to something more relevant.  I want to take Art History, but it\’s waitlisted and whatnot.  So we\’ll see.

So yeah.  I wish it was all settled.  That would be fabulous, but alas I must wait until add/drop days to change it.  I\’ll catch up with you guys later.

\”I was going to pack, but then i decideed to look up information on pirates instead.\” – Will

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