That we may see You as You have promised

Merry Christmas Eve! I have to say, I did not intend to still be on my prayer on Christmas Eve, I\’m about a month later than I anticipated, but everything happens for a reason and some of the things I\’ve been dealing with in my personal life have been applicable to the recent entries. Maybe there is a purpose of everything after all. Today\’s line goes hand in hand with the one before. Let us see ourselves as you see us that we may see You as You have promised. I tought about having both lines on the same day because they are so dependent on each other, but than decided against it for several reasons. Seeing God is probably the most worthwhile pursuit of our lives. We long for it. Our hearts yearn for it. We need it on a very fundamental level. It gives us faith, hope, peace, etc. I love this line because it reminds us of a couple of things in this pursuit. First of all, we see God by seeing ourselves clearly because we are, after all, made in his image and likeness. The things found in the depths of our souls are mirrors of God, show us something about God and ourselves. My need for security, for example, is a reflection of God being able to give that completely security. This gives God a personal connection with me instead of just a generic all-encompassing God. Yes, He is everything, but seeing him through the lens of my life makes him look a certain way, and connects with me in a certain way that is unique and personal perfectly fitting. It\’s this that shows me more and more, knowing God would be very hard if you don\’t know yourself. My journey requires that I see God in a certain way because that\’s the only way that I will connect with it. It reminds me of why I started going to youth group when I was in high school. It was for a boy. I admit it. Now, some people might berate me and say I was doing it for the wrong reasons and blah blah blah, but you got to get them in the seats. God knows what he\’s doing and knew where I was at that time and knew that I might not respond to promises of salvation and grandiose ideas of heaven. What I would and did respond to was getting to see that cute boy on a weekly basis. God knew where I was at then, and He knows where I am at now. He wants to pursue me. I want to be pursued by him. Now, if only I could truly see Him through my lens, through my human and broken eyes. The second thing this line reminds us of is his promise. I like the word promise in regards to God, and I\’m not exactly sure why. All I know is that there are a couple of lyrics that I connect to in several songs that have the word promise in them.

\”This is what it means to be loved and to know that the promise was when everything fell we\’d be held.\” – Natalie Grant Held

\”Remember Your people. Remember Your Children. Remember Your promise, Oh God.\” – Your Grace Is Enough

It\’s interesting. I think I like the idea that there is a promise God made to us. A promise he will not break. He promises that we may see Him. That\’s a promise. We can and we will. He is not a God that is far away and remote, removed from our lives. He promises that looking into the depths of our soul will allow us to look into the depths of His.

\”If you see God in yourself, then you attain perfection.\” – The Bhagavad Gita

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