The 365 Photo Project

Several of my friends have done a version of a \”365 photo project\” which entails taking one picture everyday for one year and posting it in a special album. Now the first time I saw one of my friends do it I immediately thought….I could never do that. I would forget, I wouldn\’t put it on Facebook, nothing interesting would be going on in my life worth taking a picture of, etc. But today, I was looking through someones 365 photo project and it was really nice. Every picture was something positive but not necessarily over the top, for example, playing cards or making pancakes. It made me think that not only would this be a good way to preserve a year of my life in small details, but it would also be an exercise of positivity which is something that I need from time to time. Also, lately I\’ve been feeling like my life is boring and mundane compared to the dozens of friends I have posting pictures of their weddings, or engagements, or their first house or baby. Honestly, none of that is going to be a reality for me for a long time, probably. (The average age to get married in my family is about 30…for both girls and boys…even my grandmother got married super late and she was born in 1915!) I digress. The point is, is that lately I\’ve been feeling like my life is rather boring because I\’m still \”just in school\” and not in any real position to be getting married and having a kid. I feel like forcing myself to take pictures of something in my life everyday for a year would force me to notice the intricacies of my life and how God works through the details. It would also force me to actually document my life and find something good. Lastly, I\’ve been thinking a lot about getting my PhD, which I think would be really up my ally and I already have a viable research topic that I\’m interested in…etc. But I recognize how difficult writing a dissertation would be, especially for me, because I\’m not really that self-disciplined, which is, in my case, truly a career killer. I\’ll be honest with you, I seldom follow through with anything. I lose steam and focus, I get caught up in too much stuff, I live inside my head while my body gets neglected…which is a totally unbalanced way to live. It would be a much needed exercise in making a habit and sticking to something…something with a goal…something I can literally see. If I can take a picture everyday for a year and post it on Facebook, I can know I at least can follow through on something, no matter how small. I think that\’s the beaut of it actually…how small details are woven into our lives that we don\’t even realize. These are just thoughts of maybe starting a project of my own. Maybe as soon as I move into my new apartment.

\”This moment deserves your full attention, for it will not pass your way again.\” – Unknown

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