The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

I was glancing through my facebook friends today and I couldn\’t help but ponder how many things have changed since I graduated.  It seems so forever ago.  And it\’s really hard for me to believe that people that I knew really well in high school have their own lives that I will never understand or be a part of again.  Everyone\’s on their own path and no one will ever be constantly on the same path as you.  The closest would be your family….but even they aren\’t constantly going through the same experiences you are.  But yeah, I find this all very interesting.  That and how people are so connected.  It\’s unreal.  For example, Rob (from the UCC) went to high school with Amanda (Cho Yeh); Allison (Cho Yeh), Ashley (UCC), and Chris (UTA) all went to the same high school.  It\’s so crazy.  And it\’s so random… for example Alyse (Cho Yeh) is from the same town as Joe\’s friend Kayla…which is a really small town.  And then there\’s weird things like, Father Dave has been to Madawaska, Maine and I most definitely have cousins that live up there.  It\’s so crazy.  Tonight\’s Mu Initiation, I can\’t believe I\’m joining a sorority….still….and it\’s been a whole semester.  This weekend is a tad bit busy..but it\’s been getting less and less….God blesses me so much and I know I don\’t deserve it.

\”Do you even know why I\’m mad?\” – Topanga
\”Yes, it was either something I did or did not do, or did, but didn\’t do properly.\” – Cory

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