The Number One Best Thing That Has Happened to Me Ever: Meeting My Soulmate

Spring is wonderful!  I heart it so much.  First of all, A special shoutout to my soulmate whose birthday was 4 days ago.  I love you much!  I went to the Galleria and bought a Victoria Secret\’s bra….so excited.  Also went to Katz\’s cause it\’s amazing.  So it was fun downtown day with my mom and sister, even though we can\’t sing Defying Gravity for the life of us.  Went to the dentist this morning too.  It wasn\’t so bad.  only took like 20 minutes….beautiful.  Then Alex and I went to Starbucks and then went to Glennloch farms and looked at stars and ran through sprinklers….mucho fun.  But I\’m not thinking about anything…so that\’s good.  Anyways.  A little scatter brained tonight….maybe tomorrow will be more focused.

\”That\’s a fish.  Fish live in the water.\” – Alex

2 thoughts on “The Number One Best Thing That Has Happened to Me Ever: Meeting My Soulmate”

  1. hmmm i dont think i understand why its exciting to get a bra from victoria secret. its prolly something im not meant to understand. oh just leaving a random comment

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