The Promise Was That Whenever We Fell, We\’d Be Held

Hey all.  Another week at Cho Yeh is passed.  Only 2 more weeks left.  Should be interesting.  It has been so far.  So much fun, but soo tiring at the same time.  There have been some really good things though that makes it more enjoyable though, so that\’s fabulous.  I did laundry today.  Oh and girly night.  Only $40 worth of Chinese food as opposed to $70.  Weak.  It was mucho fun though.  Got to catch up on some of my lady friends and I got to see my bfflao for like 5 mintues when he picked up his g/f fom my house.  Anyways, My brother\’s having a party downstairs.  How annoying is that.  I\’m off for 20 some odd hours and all i want to do is get a good night sleep and he\’s throwing a party.  I\’m so in the box with him….j/k.

\”Imagine you\’re emotions are little bleeting sheep.\” – Deacon Pat

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