The Symbiotic Relationship of Independence and Interdependence

This post is going to be weird. It\’s just that I\’m trying to think through these things at the moment and I want to put these thoughts somewhere I can remember later, but also, I feel that it might spark some thought in someone else\’s head as well, so  why not share the inner workings of my brain? If it makes no sense, ignore me. If it seems too simple (or is it too complex?) bear with my feeble struggling. But if these words speak to you at all, let them sit with you and allow them to slowly burn like the almost dead embers after a roaring fire.

My ability to be independent relies on my ability to interdependent
My ability to be interdependent relies on my ability to be independent.

My ability to survive on my own depends on my ability to survive with others.
My ability to survive with others depends on my ability to survive alone.

My independence relies on interdependence
I can be free and independent and self-moving because I am embedded in an strongly supportive environment that provides for me.

My interdependence relies on independence.
I can be deeply entrenched in a strongly supportive environment with others because I am independent and free to consciously make that choice.

How can two diametrically opposing concepts work together simultaneously within my life in such an elegant way? Is it possible to tap into both sides equally in a balanced way? Is my focus on one, the death of the other or does my focus on one surge up the other. Equilibrium. We are always both. Two sides of the same coin.

\”The opposite of a fact is a falsehood, but the opposite of one profound truth may very well be another profound truth.\” – Niels Bohr

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