The Week Long Forgotten

I haven\’t written in a week. Mainly because I haven\’t been inspired to write anything and that I thought twice about putting my feelings this week in written form. It\’s not that I\’ve been really negative, it\’s just that sometimes you have weeks that you\’re a little more frustrated about than others and why share that negative attitude with everyone. Last night we had a party for my sister\’s birthday. It was really fun and I think most everyone had a good time. My parents came up today and went all over Austin looking for an electronic Keyboard for my sister. Long day. Now I have the fabulous job of writing 3 papers and finding/reading 5 articles. Hopefully I\’ll be able to locate articles before I go to bed tonight and then tomorrow I can spend the whole day writing. That would be good. Anyways, that\’s really all I had to say today. Maybe I\’ll be better about posting.

\”Let the Eleventh Hour quickly pass me by.\” – Jars of Clay

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