They Say That a Hero Can Save Us.

You can actually see the floor in my room again.  It\’s really pretty exciting for me.  Today is Wednesday, so that means I\’ll probably stop by church and have some sort of human interaction today…which is always nice.  I kinda feel like dressing up and being all girly.  Maybe it\’s cause I have nothing better to do.  I should finish cleaning my room probably.  Everything\’s off the floor (pretty much), but now my dresser is mucho messy.  Funny how that happens.  Crossroads is this weekend.  I feel bad cause I missed the meeting.  I remembered at like 8.  Oops.  Will comes home tomorrow, which is really exciting, but then I\’m leaving for crossroads and then in a week he\’s going back to NC.  Blah.  At least I\’ll get to see him for about a week *hopefully*.  I haven\’t really prepared anything for crossroads at all.  It\’s really bad.  I hope my Mary narrative is still on my computer, cause it wasn\’t last time I needed it and I hate rewriting them.  I should really go through the stuff in my room and do a serious organization and start packing for Austin.  Seeing as last year I started packing the night before I went to school.  This will be an improvement.

\”It\’s wrong that we should be only half alive… half of ourselves. I
love you. So here I am – standing in your doorway. I have always been
standing in your doorway. Isn\’t it about time somebody saved your life?\” – Spider-Man 2

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