Thinking of joining the seminary? Then am I the girl for you!

I got up this morning.  I had to wait for Rach though.  Then a cat laid down on my backpack….so that was fun.  Music App: we learned about the violin and listened to part of the nutcracker.  It was fun.  Then on to Anthro.  We watched a video about chimpanzees.  So very interesting.  Then govt.  boring.  then I ate lunch and then I took like a 3 hour nap.  then I realized I had a bunch of crap I have to do not only for h/w, but also for crossroads this weekend.  I\’m excited, but lately I\’ve been kinda sad.  I don\’t really have a good excuse to be sad, but I don\’t know.  And just for the record, so no one can get mad at me for not telling them, cause that happens every year.  My birthday is on Saturday, the 4th.  Not the 5th (Joe).  That made me soo mad.  He should know.  I\’m so disappointed.  Anyways, I still have stuff to do and it\’s really cold in my room.

\”Broken up deep inside, but you won\’t get to see the tears I cry behind these hazel eyes.\” – Kelly Clarkson

2 thoughts on “Thinking of joining the seminary? Then am I the girl for you!”

  1. Awww Karen, The Retreat this weekend is going to be AMAZING!  We have a great staff, and 52 retreaters!  I met Eric Salley, the guy who named Crossnotes, yesterday.  He’s really sweet.  Other than him, I’m pretty sure you know everyone else.  It’s gonna Rock and I’m excited about seeing you this weekend, especially since it’s going to be your birthday!  I hope you have a great week!  🙂

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