This Is The Day The Lord Has Made

Today is offcial birthday day.  Rachel, Monocle Ron, Stephen Brown, Bryan Balouchi, and Jimmy Turkle were all born on today.  And I believe this is Alex\’s (from Arlington Alex) 1/2 birthday, but I very much might be wrong. Tomorrow I start teaching second grade.  Ahh…nervous.  I hope it\’ll be ok.  It\’ll help me with Cho Yeh probably though.  Last night I was totally intending on going to bed aearlier and it soo didn\’t work out for me.  Brittany\’s sister\’s house is soo freaking sweet.  I would LOVE to live there.  Umm, I don\’t have anything really else to say, my life I guess is relatively boring.  But for the next 2 weeks I\’m gonna be busy.  Oh and yesterday I had part of a hot dog….if you can believe it.  I\’m gonna go right now and try my hand at making a panini brindisi.  Look out World Here I come.

\”Many happy returns on the day of thy birth.  May sunshine and gladness be given.  And may the Dear Father prepare us on Earth for a beautiful birthday in Heaven.\”

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