This Is The End….Of The Semester

Ah.  Another semester.  It doesn\’t feel like it\’s been a whole semester.  Seriously.  I absolutely adore Austin.  Every time I stop and think about it, I just remember how absolutely awesome it is and that I just want to stay forever.  Although no one\’s really around today so I\’m just sorta bored.  Maybe I\’ll just go for a walk or something.  I just love walking around here.  Cities make me so happy and being in one 24/7 is absolutely awesome.  So the semester is over and I\’m leaving Austin tomorrow.  Then coming back the 22nd for TSO.  Then leaving again the 24th.  I have no idea what I will possibly do the night of the 23rd.  Seriously.  No one will really be around.  Thankfully I can stay at the Castilian.  But seriously….my computer will be home by then so I\’ll probably just be sitting in my dorm room watching TV or something.  Ah.  I have to remember to sell my books back.  I\’ll hopefully do it tomorrow with my parents around or something.  I found out about my grades which is really exciting.  3 A\’s.  2 B\’s.  Making my UT GPA a 3.6.  Not too bad.  My A\’s were in Social Statistics, Introduction to Religion, and Expressive Culture.  My B\’s were in English and Weather.  So pretty much.  I rock at social sciences (which is good cause that\’s my major and minor) and I\’m mediocre at everything else.  So yeah.  That\’s school.  I\’m not too upset about it.  I mean my 4.0 was bound to be broken eventually.  Considering my love life.  Pretty much, don\’t even ask.  I\’m so confused.  Team Y sucks.  Not really.  I just really have no idea what I\’m doing, nor what I will do.  I figure I\’ll have a whole month not to worry about it and to just think without interference and when I come back….I have no idea.  I don\’t even know what I\’m leaning towards.  In other news I\’m changing my e-mail address.  So if you want my new one tell me.  I don\’t want to put it up here cause I don\’t want spam or anything creepy.  I think that\’s reasonable.  Alright.  That\’s about all I have to say.  Oh I think we should have a girly night sometime over the break.  I love my girls.  Talk to Ya\’ll later.

\”It\’s neutral creepy.\” – Grady

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  1. I want your email address. Just because one day I might be like “I should email karen. Wait! I don’t have her email address! Aah!” Just like that. Seriously.
    Also, I’m not sure which “girls” you’re talking about but you and I definitely need to see each other. For a long period of time [because you know it will take that long for us to talk… it always does.] I miss you SO SO SO SO much karebear :o)
    Come to think of it, what are you doing Thursday night? It’s the 21st. call me girly. i love you.

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