This is What Democracy Looks Like

Yesterday, I participated in, what I have been told, was the largest protest in American history: The Women\’s March. It was exhilarating. I haven\’t always been much of an activist. I\’ve voted, sure, but often time for the 3rd party and with a strong sense of feeling like my voice (particularly in the hugely red state of Texas) didn\’t really make much of a difference. I also had never really been fired up enough about the state of our country to think it worth my while. However, when Donald Trump ran for president, I felt a deep sense of fear that I had always been privileged enough not to have had before: fear of the very foundations our country was built on.

Just today, our White House Press Secretary came out and started his first press conference with a lie about the crowd size of the inauguration. A simple, stupid and petty lie, but a lie nonetheless. It begs the question if they lie about something so ridiculous, what else will, they lie about, especially when the stakes are much higher. The accusations of fake news have become the go to excuse for our current administration, leaving Americans weary of whom to trust, and therefore trusting no one but their own preconceived beliefs. This is a terrifying time for America. Our administration is openly at war with the free press, which is a threat to our very democracy. I never really believed that I was going to have to be worried about the democracy of our country. Yet, here I am.

The days ahead are going to be rough, but I believe that it is the beginning of a revolution (I hope not a bloody one). If the turnout for the women\’s march is any indication, people are angry in unprecedented numbers. We are not going to go quietly into the night. I have been so busy being embarrassed of being American for the last several months, that I completely disregarded the other millions of people who agree with me. I am in the majority, even if my ideas aren\’t the ones that will likely be implemented. If this election has done anything for me, it has been to get me to become more of an activist and want to get more involved in politics in general. I have diversified and increased my donations to charities I believe in. I have had lengthy conversation about political issues and what solutions might exist. I even started listening to NPR. And I marched.

I marched yesterday because our current administration has done nothing to unite the people of this nation. I marched yesterday because women and LGBTQIA and ethnic minorities and Americans with disabilities and Muslims and Immigrants are human beings that deserve equality. I marched yesterday because I want to be a part of the solution. I marched yesterday because I want to tell my nieces  and nephews that I stood up for myself and others so they can have a more just world. I marched yesterday because when the current administration makes it clear they will not fight for me, I will fight for myself. I marched yesterday in solidarity with everyone in this country who feels marginalized and victimized by the policies that are in place. I marched yesterday and I feel damn patriotic.

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