Thoughts on Marriage

Marriage. It has been a very prevalent discussion surrounding me recently. Within a little over a year all three of my siblings will have tied the knot (starting with my oldest brother in February 2011 and ending with my other brother in March). It\’s like there\’s something in the water. This isn\’t exactly a new development either. I have had really good friends get married recently and at least three of my exes have tied the knot and my most recent ex has recently gotten engaged. I almost feel like a good luck charm of some sort, like that movie Good Luck Chuck that I actually saw with said ex-boyfriend…little did he know all he needed to do to find love was to stop dating me and voila. What can I say? It\’s all around me. Constantly. Thank goodness life isn\’t a race, because I think gold, silver and bronze have already been awarded while I was making my way around the track, or still balancing on the beam of a life of uncertainty.

But the thing that worries me the most is that I\’m not really that worried. I thank my lucky stars that I didn\’t marry any of my exes. How different would my life have been? How miserable would I have become? I was blessed to have enough volatile past relationships to even desire that kind of fate. No, I am much better off without that in my life. Even in my best and most healthy relationships, I can fully understand why they weren\’t meant to be and with every breakup, even if they were horrific (which some of them were), always left me feeling a little relieved, despite how deeply I might have cared for the person. Just knowing that all those fights and problems and heartaches were over and that I could be free to explore the unfolding of my life always left me a little exhilarated. I have my whole life ahead of me.

That being said, I do eventually want to get married and when that happens I want it to be totally organic and free; a complete personal expression of love and togetherness.  That is definitely worth the wait.

\”Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act.\” – Paul Coelho

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