Total Exhaustion

I\’m soo tired.  Today was PJS.  For those of you whodon\’t know what that is, PJS satnds for Peace Justice and Service which is a retreat that all the high schoolers have to go on before they get confirmed at my church.  It\’s all about the Catholic Social Teachings.  It really puts perspective to things I think.  It makes me soo happy to be Catholic.  I mean for real.  There is no better religion in the world in my opinion and I feel soo blessed to be a part of a church that tries to live out what Jesus taught.  That\’s one of the best things about Catholicism.  It\’s not just a religion.  It\’s a lifestyle.  Like for real.  I mean there\’s a Catholic teaching all just about everything.  It\’s really awesome to have a churhc to really face the issues and have a stance on what\’s right and what\’s wrong.  It makes everything soo much more amazing.  We went to Casa Jaun Diego, which is a homeless shelter (not run by the govt, but by Catholics who are just trying to live out thier faith).  We packed newspapers and sorted clothes and had girl talk while sorting…..hehe….my fault.  Then back to church with the video with Father Effing.  Haha.  Awesome.  Kailey and Joe\’s Eucharist (where the quote comes from) and then Mass.  I LOVE mass.  I mean for real.  It\’s amazing and I felt like I got alot out of it today.  Like God was just telling me.  Let go of your life Karen and give it to me.  I\’ll take care of you.  You can trust me.  I promise.  And I know I should.  I really really do.  It\’s soo hard sometimes.  It\’s also hard not to be angry, bitter and hurt.  So I\’ve been kind of sucking up what I should be doing recently.  I need serious God time.  I need to recenter and devote myself completely to him and his plan for my life.  Cause it\’s not my life it\’s really his.  Thy Will Be Done.  I need to be more obiedient.  I know what true love is, but I choose to replace it with a fake imitation.  I confuse it sometimes….even though i\’ve seen both.  I don\’t know whyI get trapped into the misconception.  God, Free me from myself.  I want to turn from my sinful ways.  I want to turn my face so it only sees what is good and right.  I want to grow closer and in love with you.  I want to be filled with your spirit and peace.

\”Forsaken by the Father.  Committed by the Son and with the Grace of the Holy Spirit.\” – Kailey (on how the trinity relates to the Eucharist)

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