Just got back from Stuebenville South.  Yay!  It was really different from last year.  I got stuff out of it that I wasn\’t expecting.  Very different from last year.  I could go into it really philisophically, but i figure if you want to know how I feel about that….you can ask me.  Converstaions are so much better than updates.  But yeah I\’m gonna put up some I guess interesting things about the trip.  So rock on.

*BFFLAO aka Grumpy buddy aka Chris aka Moe – Yay for our super duper tight bond that small scissors can\’t break*

*Confession was absolutely AMAZING.  Yay for small miracles!*

*Team One aka Team Happy Fierce Jesus (Kailey, Moe, Mary and I)  We rocked room one like no body\’s business.*


*Owning Bfflao on columns*

*Being able to shower naked*



* \”I have never had the undeniable urge to date a Hippie\” *

*Being stuck in a room and having to climb out the window*

Alright….that\’s all I can think of right now….I know there\’s like a million more things I could say….but I\’m too lazy to think and write more.  So my quote of the day will be what I consider (and most of my van agrees) is the best pickup line ever.

\”So, you like turtles?\”

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