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I\’m special. My fiance tells me this all the time. Although, most of the time it\’s not an \”I-love-you-so-much\” kind of special, but more of a you\’re….spppecial. I am constantly being weird and slightly embarrassing myself (although I like to think of it as eclectic and fun) and today was no exception. We got these pedometers at work for a whole employee health competition we\’re doing and I\’ve actually been wearing mine and tracking my steps. Well, after lunch today, Evan and I were walking and I noticed my pedometer was not on my original pocket I had put it on earlier. This makes me slightly sad and disappointed, but there\’s not much I can do about other than retrace my steps (which I didn\’t have time for anyways) or just accept the fact that my pedometer days were over (similar to when I dropped my work mug on the floor and it shattered causing me to have to now drink water from those waxy sparklette cups). As soon as I had accepted the fact that my pedometer was gone (I suppose worse things in life can happen) I realize that it was inside my shirt. I must have knocked it with my purse and it reattached itself underneath my shirt. Needless to say, I thought this was hysterical and spent a good 2 minutes laughing about it.

My personality is generally twofold. 1) I need security and if I don\’t have that, I will stop at nothing to get it and 2) If I generally feel secure, I start craving fun things to make me happy. So, when I\’m happy and my life is stable, I start wanting to do….well basically everything. To some people, I\’m sure it\’s exhausting, but to me, it\’s totally exhilarating. I just need to find companions to accompany on my adventures. My mom told me today that I\’m her little event planner because I am constantly telling her all the fun awesome events going on in Austin. I think that\’s probably my life calling. To tell other people all the neat stuff to do around town. So, lately I\’ve been thinking about a designated \”date\” night for Evan and I. I\’ve been looking at so many fun, creative, or romantic dates that I can\’t wait to do when we get married (because apparently before then, we are running low on time). It\’s so exiting. I\’m also looking forward to a possibly doing some things in the nearish future:

1. Shakespeare on the Farm: Taming of the Shrew. Free theatre? Count me in anytime, anyplace.
2. A Sunday Social Dance Mixer. Free Cross Step Waltz lesson. Evan is thrilled.
3. Broadway Dance Showcase. UT theatre and Dance department with classic Broadway music. Also free and totally up my alley
4. I want to go tubing, anyone with me?
5. My brother and his wife are coming up to celebrate his birthday
6. My salsa and salsa…er salsa and tango date I planned forever ago. Evan and I will go to our first ever cooking class and learn to make street tacos and various salsas at Whole Foods and then go salsa, I mean, tango the night away at Copa Bar and Grill.
7. I also want to go to the Pour House for Happy Hour Tacos and country dancing at Dallas Nightclub
8. And Round Rock Express, preferably with fireworks. I haven\’t seen fireworks in a long time due to the fact that Texas has had an issue with catching fire recently.
9. Maybe the UT Symphony? I think that\’s happening.
10. Hopefully, there will be another game night soon. I want to play True American from New Girl, like really really badly.

There are so many things to keep a girl like me entertained and I get to do it all in the lovely city of Austin.

Oh, and on a side note that is sort of unrelated as it has less to do with events, but is related in that it\’s something new and exciting. Evan and I actually cooked yesterday (shocking). And, get this, the recipe came from my spreadsheet. Chicken with Creamy Mustard Sauce with whole wheat gnocchi and sauteed zucchini. It was super delicious. Now, I just have like 700 more recipes to make.

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