What\’s A Girl Gotta Do To Get An Explanation Around Here?

Oh the joy of not having school, but still getting to be in Austin.  I\’ll pretty much talk about what I\’ve been doing the last couple days.
Saturday: Woke up around 8ish and packed up the car and drove to Austin.  I saw my brother and we watched the OU basketball game on TV.  Ate at Texadelphia, went to the Dobie to get an application for next year.  Went to Taco C for dinner, got some Tiff\’s Treats for dessert, came home.  Watched What Dreams May Come with rob, finally saw the Alternate ending which was so much worse than the original.
Sunday:  Work Day for Mu\’s, so I got to see all my sorority sisters.  That was fun.  Came home and tried to organize stuff for school, didn\’t work out for me too well.  My room is such a mess.  Oh and by the way, in case you didn\’t know, I officially resigned my position as co-chaplain for this active semester.  I had been thinking a lot about it and I felt that I wouldn\’t be able to put as much effort into Chaplain as I would have liked.  Erin\’s going to do such a fabulous job.  Alright, Sunday night I went to church and then to player\’s and totally got blown off.  Like as soon as I sat down he gets up and leaves.  No hello, no acknowledgment, no nothing, no explanation at all.  And that\’s when I started thinking, what on earth did I do that would cause such a reaction.  No phone call, no explanation, no apology, no good.  You just don\’t do that to someone.  I can understand if you don\’t like me and don\’t want to talk to me, but I would so rather you tell me that to my face then be a coward about it.  So yeah, I was pretty upset about that, but Rob and Daniel and Rachel are so sweet and they made me feel better about it.  Then Rob and I were going to have s\’mores, but I didn\’t feel good so we just hung out instead.
Monday:  MLK Day and no school.  Lazy day.  I\’m trying to remember anything happening.  I went to Kerbey Lane and saw John Matt Hancock and Juan.  And we talked about Juan getting arrested at the border.  Don\’t really remember anything too exciting happening the rest of the day.
Tuesday: School got canceled so that was pretty exciting.  it started snowing so Rob and I went outside and walked around in the snow and ate at Madam Mam\’s cuase it was one of the only places open on the drag.  It was so exciting the snow was.  They were actual real flakes.  Then Chris, Rob and I got cardboard and sledded down the parking garage ramp.  It was so much fun.  The only problem was that I stubbed my toe and now I\’ve been hobbling around.  So that\’s been no good.
Today: School is closed again.  so yay.  I\’m number 2 on my waitlsted class and I started out at 7 so that\’s really good.  Hopefully I get into it.  Today I really have to do something productive.  For reals.

\”Do I just look like a big egg to everyone?\” – Jennifer

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