When I was little I wanted to be….

I have a confession to make. I have an incredibly hard time following through. I can plan…but the actual application of the plan always seems to allude me. Maybe, I\’m lazy. Maybe, I\’m unmotivated. Maybe, I have more fun with the plan. My sister has been struggling with what she wants to do with her life after a particularly hard homework episode last night. She is currently a math major and doesn\’t know if that\’s what she really wants. We started talking about what we liked to do when we were little as a means in trying to find our true selves. She said she liked cake decorating, my significant other (who is an engineer) like k\’nex and legos and things like that. I planned things when I was little. I researched random things that have seemingly no value other than to entertain me. For example, ad this will show you just how weird I am…in my time off, instead of playing farmville or reading or watching a movie or any other number of hobbies that I see most people have, I have researched every school district in and around Austin and determined which school, based on test scores were the most well-respected and figured out the feeding patterns from the best elementary school and figured out where I would need to live for my kids to go there and what church is around there. Not to mention the average cost of the house, which I will then look at and \”pick\” one. I know….I am displaying probably my most embarrassing attribute. Hopefully, someday, someone will love me for it. If you went on my computer and looked up the lists I make…you would probably laugh at me (If you are not laughing already)…Do you want to know where to eat while visiting Walt Disney World….I have a list for that. Do you want a meal plan for Lent? I have a list for that. Apartment Ratings? Sociology Graduate Schools in Texas? Main Dishes from around the world? Reception facilities? Restaurants in Austin? Those are what I make during my free time. If what we do in our free time is any indication for what our career should be, than it\’s a good thing I\’m in graduate school.

\”Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.\” – Carl Sagan

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