Who Rocks The House? I Said Omegas Rock The House!

Midwinter Madness really lives up to its name, it was indeed madness.  It was cool seeing some of the people I hadn\’t seen in a really long time to kinda catch up on things.  Cho Yeh is fun.  I have no idea how I possibly lasted an entire month though, I was so exhausted after just one weekend.  It was a lot of fun though and my cos were so great.  We did have a crazy cabin though, that was a lot of work to keep up with.  I love those kids though, they\’re so awesome….even the ones that wanted to make our heads explode.  It was like I was the mother of 17 beautiful girls.  It was fantabulous.  I did get a cold though, so now my nose is all sniffly and my voice is awkward.  I get to go to Austin on Saturday and I\’m so very very excited about it.  I absolutely love it there and I miss all my wonderful friends.  There are a couple things that I\’m a bit anxious about once I get there, but I\’ll have to deal with these things sooner or later.  Hopefully everything will be ok.  I\’m just a little scared.  School should be fun though….well except for physical geology….boo hiss…..doesn\’t that just sound gross?  We\’ll see what happens with that.  I don\’t have any 8 am classes this semester though, which is quite fortunate.  So yeah about 5 more days…yay!

\”I\’m a counselor I don\’t need food.\” – Jiffer
\”Loving children is my nourishment.\” – Elliot

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