Why is it impossible for me to sit and focus on my work?

I really need to be doing my ritual analysis.  Like really.  But there\’s so much Hebrew I have to translate that it\’s just annoying.  So I\’m taking a break.  In good news I definitely finished my stats homework and mostly all by myself.  I actually understand this stuff.  Sweet.  I haven\’t even gone over thanksgiving break

Wednesday:  My parents, cousin, aunt and sister came to pick me up around noonish and I showed Beana UT sorta and my parents met some of my friends at the UCC….although Carbos was canceled so not very many people were there….but they met Rob and Anna and Marynia.  So yay!  Anyways, So then we went and ate at EZ\’s and then saw my brother at his work.  Then that night I participated in girly night.  It was fabulous.  It was Me, Kailey, Meghan, Leslie, Jessi, Jade, Jenny, Eden, Angie and Kelly at Chili\’s.  It was good.  Then we went to Starbuck\’s to see Sara work.

Thursday:  Thanksgiving.  Watched the Macy\’s Parade and then Bil and I beat Katrina and Susan in friend\’s Scene It.  Then it was time to eat.  So much better than last year.  I got to eat a lot of everything.  Including pumpkin pie….my favorite.  I think we played Queen of Spades at night.  And I was actually on the winning team.  It was amazing.

Friday:  Beana got sick….poor girl.  And we lost the football game.  So upsetting.  I watched Bend it Like Beckham, played more Queen of Spades, went to Piccomolo\’s and then Wal-Mart with Michelle and then to Starbucks with Joe and his cousin.  Then we went back to the Anselmi\’s and Joe\’s mom made us hot chocolate and fed us pumpkin cheesecake Olivia made.  So fabulous.  I miss the Anselmi\’s so much.  They are so wonderful.  I haven\’t been over there in ages.

Saturday:  Had breakfast with Michelle, Becky, Joe, Stephen, and Sam at IHOP.  It was good up until Joe spilled ice cold water all over me.  Then I went home and helped decorate the Christmas Tree.  I love Christmas time.  Went to church with my parents.  That\’s about it.

Sunday:  Came back to Austin.  I love it in Austin.  Like seriously.  I missed it.  I did homework, went to Hula Hut with Rob….oh so good, went to mass again, and then went to coldstone with Rob, Anna, Stephen, and Jonathan.
Now I should be working, but I tihnk I\’m going to take a shower instead.  Talk to you peeps later.

\”I love Huntsville I could live there forever!\” – Becky
\”Huntsville?  I couldn\’t live in Huntsville, but Lubbock, I could totally live there the rest of my life.\” – Joe
\”Huntsville? Lubbock?  Austin is so much of a cooler place to live.\” – Me

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