With the gentle light

I\’m still in Spring with my family. We go back to Austin tomorrow. It\’s interesting how this place that used to be my home is now more a museum of my former residence here. My room is a testament to who I was in high school, but that was a long time ago. The topic of the day is gentle light. I have a particular affinity with light. I absolutely love it. My bedroom here in Spring is literally bright yellow. How much more light can I get? Christmas lights, city lights, fireflies are all things that make me unusually happy. I think there is just something undeniably beautiful about lights and the function they have. Without light, we cannot see. It\’s dangerous. We might fall or trip or run into something. We are not nocturnal by nature and use the light to maneuver through the world. Light guides us and others. It fills the void and becomes radiant. We need light. If we don\’t get it we are apt to develop SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). But the fact that the light is gentle is what I like the most. It\’s not an offending light, like when you want to go to sleep and that stupid light is on. It\’s not violent like a fire. It\’s a consistent, gentle, lulling light that draws you in instead. I think of it more like a nightlight constantly protecting and watching out for you. I love the idea of God protecting me, watching me, providing for me. I need that imagery.

\”The people of darkness have seen a great light.\” – City of God

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