With the sweetness of grace

Thanksgiving is today, which seems very fitting for this blog post, in my opinion at least. I know that thanks isn\’t 100% what the sweetness of grace means, but I definitely think it\’s in there somewhere. I think that I like it because it\’s very much how I feel right now, that I\’m a receiver of sweet grace. I\’m home (at my parent\’s house in Houston) for the first time in months. I have no school, no work, no cares that can\’t wait until Monday. I have 1/2 a week to just be with my family and play Beatles Rock Band and eat turkey and St. Hubert\’s gravy and watch the Macy\’s Thanksgiving Parade. That\’s a pretty sweet grace. I\’m also so thankful for my friends and family who have been my shelter and support and continue to be my haven. I\’m thankful I have a shelter and food to eat and my health and people who understand me (or at least make a good faith effort). I\’m thankful of my education and the fact that I even have the opportunity at an education, let alone a graduate-level one. Man, thinking about all these things to be thankful for makes my life seem really great right now. Not that everything is exactly where I had hoped it would be, but I\’m still here, unfolding my journey, trying to grow and I believe that that counts for something. So I guess the purpose of this entry for right now is this: Sweetness of grace for me is the sum of all the blessings God gives us throughout our lives. It\’s absolutely delicious.

\”I\’d like to thank You for giving me the best day of my life.\” – Dido

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