Yeah, that was the longest time out I\’ve ever had

Sometimes we think back on on our life and realize that there are a few friends we miss.  My xanga was one of those things.  After a more than year absence, I decided to write again, only this time it would be different.  I\’m a different person I was a year ago, with different desires, dreams, longings, and needs.  Before my xanga was a way to keep others up to date on my life, if they were interested.  Now, admittedly I often times want to know what is going on with other people\’s lives and the facebook profile does not give it nearly enough justice.  This time, my xanga writing is solely about me.  My journey, my life, a way for me to catalog my thoughts dreams.  It\’s a journal that instead of keeping under my bed, I\’m keeping it online….mainly for the point that I already have it here and I don\’t want to just give up on the current run.  This is for me and my journey.

\”We go to mass everyday because our shrine is in our hearts.\” – Anna

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