Yes, I Want the Orange Heart

Hey all!  Let\’s see, nothing really that interesting has been happening in my life as of late.  I went to Dallas and saw some Arlington people, which was pretty cool.  Umm, that\’s about it.  Today my mother and I went to a lady\’s house to scrapbook, so now i\’m going to start scrapbooking….how exciting.  I am such an organization wannabe.  Like in my head I love to be organized, but in reality it just doesn\’t happen.  I think deep down, I\’m a perfectionist, but everything is always so chaotic around me that I let it go….cause I\’d be stressed out all the time.  I think yesterday was pretty good for me.  Just relaxing.  Doing absolutely nothing.  It made me think about what I wanted to be.

\”As my life has been altered once it can change again.  Build higher walls around me.  Chain every lock and key.  Nothing lasts.  Nothing holds all of me.\” – Beauty and the Beast

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