Yesterday Is A Wrinkle On Your Forehead

Hey all.  I don\’t actually have anything really great to say.  At least nothing I want to say.  Halloween was really fun.  I got to help Rob pass out candy.  I had to watch a movie about Eskimos.  I really need to be doing something productive.  Like laundry, or RS reading.  But no I decide to be lazy and write a completely pointless xanga entry.  The sad thing is there\’s not even a freaking point to this.  I\’m just not motivated whatsoever to do anything worth doing.  How sad is that.  I make myself angry.  I think I\’m gonna take foodsciene next semester instead of Geology.  Goodbye natural sciences.

\”Sell your body.  Buy your beauty.  Live at the cost of other\’s lives.\” – Danielle Rose

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