You will forever remember this as the day a midget gave you a lap dance.

I went to see Carlos Mencia last night.  He was funny.  Really funny.  A bit offensive if you can\’t take offensive jokes, but funny otherwise.  But yeah that was fun.  There\’s cool stuff at UTA every once in a while.  Today I actually somewhat cleaned.  Still haven\’t done laundry, but hey.  I went to the Dallas Galleria to see Alex and that was a whole lot of fun.  Then Mike and Chris showed up and we hung out for even longer.  I was supposed to go to the concert, but I\’m not gonna be able to.  Oh well, I hope he doesn\’t hate me.  Sorry Alex!  I\’m tired from the Mall, which is significantly better than the Galleria in Houston in my opinion.  It\’s prettier.  Not as grungy.  So yeah.  Fun times.

\”Bye bye circus.  Thank you much circus!\” – Zach

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