You\’re As Cold As Ice

I really really hope Kailey reads this xanga entry.  I thought that this was interesting….to say the least, unless it was done on purpose…and even then it would be interesting, but not as random.

Alright, so not this past year, but the year before I attended Klein\’s pop show with Danny and Kailey and one of the people sang a song by Evenescance.  I thought the song was by Madonna and Kailey insisted that it wasn\’t and Madonna had made another song, Frozen that I was confusing it with.  Kailey then decided to burn me a CD with nothing but Frozen by Madonna on it over and over and over again for like 15 tracks and she titled it You\’re As Cold As Ice, Karen.  Now I had completely forgotten about this CD with the one song until probably about Christmas break of this year, when I found it in my CD player, which confused me at the time but when i listened to what was on it, my memory was recharged.  So today, I decided to take all the CD\’s I could find and import them on my computer, you know to jam to when i\’m at school and whatnot and I run across this CD that Kailey made so I decide to import a copy of the song on my computer.  Now when you put in a CD, iTunes gives you like the name of the song and the artist and everything and instead of having Frozen by Madonna on it or event he same song over and over it has a list of songs by someone named Gloria Polo.  Names like shake down, Hello Joe, Golden Rod.  And it says the genre is Religious.  So I look up to see who Gloria Polo is, cause the names for these songs are obviously not the actual song you listen to, and it turns out that Gloria Polo is an photographer/artist who specializes in erotic pictures.  So now I\’m not sure what I should think.

\”You\’re frozen when your heart\’s not open.\” – Madonna

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